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Wanna see 'Star Wars'? Get in line

SEATTLE, Washington (AP) -- The new "Star Wars" movie doesn't open until
May 16, but John Guth and Jeff Tweiten already have their spots in line.

Guth, 32, and Tweiten, 24, took their places outside the Cinerama theater on
January 1. They plan to wait there, taking snooze breaks in sleeping bags or a
nearby van, for more than four months, until the curtain opens on "Star Wars
Episode II: Attack of the Clones."

The pair is undeterred by the fact that even Cinerama management doesn't yet
know whether the movie will play at the theater.

Guth is president of the Seattle Star Wars Society and Tweiten is one of the
club's roughly 1,200 members.

Guth said donations from society members cover food costs. They're killing
time in line reading, watching movies on a portable DVD player and talking to
people waiting for more current fare.

"I admire their enthusiasm for the movie, but as it's been proven in the past,
everyone who wants to see this or any other film will be able to get tickets for
it," said Brian Callaghan, spokesman for General Cinema, which manages the

And if the movie should open elsewhere locally?

"Then we'll go there," Guth said.

(CNN.com - showbuzz - January 7, 2002)

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